Desire is an incentive to design or create something. We draft our visions or needs and at the same time we define our individuality, our personality. The process of individualisation is the ability to express the needs which have developed from a desire. Our personality is characterised far more through desires than through our obvious lifestyle. Sometimes we wish we could be released from the small inconveniences of daily life, sometimes we pray to be more at one with nature. On the one hand we want to eliminate day-to-day problems, on the other hand we long to overcome global challenges. There are as many desires on earth as people and just as many quiet moments to discover a few more …

We strive to climb every single step of the pyramid from existential needs to individual fulfilment in our search for happiness and independence. Consumption and products seem to help us on that bumpy road. Attaining a high level of satisfaction simply spurs us on to higher aims – the search for happiness is anchored in discontent. Most of us get what we want but not what we really need. Often we are lost in today’s complexity and are not even up to naming the problem, let alone discovering a solution for attaining happiness. Designers are “consultants” for customers with the ability to provide options for potential lifestyles. In the context of oversaturated markets they have to search for new practical benefits with cultural relevance.


欲望とは何かデザインし、創り出したいという動機です。私たちは自分たちのビジョンとニーズを頭に描き、同時に個人と個性を定義しています。個性化のプロセスは、欲望から発生してきたニーズを表現する能力です。私たちの個性は、明らかなライフスタイルを通してよりも、欲望を通してはるかに特徴づけられます。 時々私たちは、毎日の生活のちょっとした不便さから解放されたいと願い、より自然と一体化できるように祈ります。一方では毎日の問題を取り除こうとし、他方ではグローバルな挑戦に打ち勝とうと願っています。地球上には人の数と同じだけの欲望があり、発見するための同じぐらいの静かな時間があります...。



Toyota Municipal Museum of Art / Gallery 9

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