Magic is invisible. Magic becomes reality in an interaction between your expectations of how something behaves and the way it really operates. Of course, we think magic is only a trick, we are able to learn tricks and we are able to reproduce these tricks to persuade people of something, but in most cases we do not want to know all the secrets.

You may ask why magic is so important and what the sense of this characteristic is in the context of design. Let me give you this short answer: the easiest way to attract people’s attention is to surprise them. The best stories, stories that grip our attention again and again, continue to surprise us for years and lose none of their fascination. You achieve this in two ways: you solve the problem with magical simplicity or with inexhaustible richness. Both aspects generate respect and build a long-lasting relationship between product and customer.

In magic you control human perception in a holistic form. You have the knowledge of the mechanisms of attraction and seduction and you utilize this knowledge in a staged context. This is creation at the highest level. Here we come back to the beginning of our short journey because magic affects us mainly at a subconscious level as do instinct and archetype.






Toyota Municipal Museum of Art / Gallery 9

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