There is no single modern product on the market which is invented, developed and finally produced by one person. Today product design is teamwork – as it has been for the last 5000 years. Even when you try to create a complete new item, you will start out with the store of knowledge accumulated by past generations. Afterwards you will benefit from the skills of those who are experts in their specific field and your work will be driven by the thoughts and opinions of others.

Everything you are able to achieve in your life depends on teachers, friends and persons who give you a chance. Sometimes it is admirable to take a chance and be successful but giving someone else a chance is of even greater value.


市場に出回っているすべての製品は、決して一人の人間が発明、開発および生産したものではありません。 過去5000年間と同じように、現在の製品デザインもチームワークで行われています。たとえあなたが全く新しい製品を創り出そうとしても、これまでの知識レベルから始めることになるでしょう。結局、あなたは専門家の技術から多くのことを学び、あなたの仕事は他の人の考えや意見などから影響を受けます。



Toyota Municipal Museum of Art / Gallery 9

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