Human civilisation around us also determines the way we perceive our life. Our perception is formed and directed through social and cultural imprints around us. Archetypal design activates these common patterns in our subconscious. To attract attention in only one second is not possible with a process of rationalization, it is more like activating a reflex. Even a new product with a design requirement for long-lasting aesthetic value must be based on attributes known from previous experience. We call products with this effect: intuitive products.

In evolution the balance of symbiosis and competition leads to a mechanism which succeeds in attaining higher levels of development. Archetypal designs have to embody the right mix of similar mechanisms: meeting common expectations and at the same time sparking off innovative energy to change our habits.Finally we are driven to continually improve in the face of the challenges which our life presents. Each and every new product is a chance to extend our skills.


私たちを取り巻く文明もまた、私たちの生活に大きく影響します。私たちの認知力は、周囲から受けた社会的・文化的な印象を通して形作られ、そして方向づけられます。典型的なデザインは、私たちの潜在意識下の共通認識を活性化させます。 ほんの一瞬で注目されることは、合理的なプロセスではなく、反射神経を活性化することです。長く続くデザインの美しさを求められる新製品でさえ、これまでの経験で知り得た特性に基づかなければなりません。私たちは、このような効果を持つ製品を次のように呼びます:直感的に理解できる製品。



Toyota Municipal Museum of Art / Gallery 9

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