World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition
New York City 2003

WTC Competition, New York City 2003

Veronika Monheim / Alois Dworschak / Rudolf Heise /
Leonhard Klose


The draft design is based on the division of the overall requirements into individual functions = memorial elements.
1. experiencing / feeling = Footprints
2. learning / seeing = Museum
3. honoring / remembering = Liberty Wall 
4. reflection / contemplation = Chapel

Architectural concept: all constructions are to be considered as an ensemble of sculptures, not 'buildings'.
This ensemble is a contrast to the group of buildings on the eastern side and as a complement to the overall reconstruction project (Libeskind).


None of the elements (with the exception of the 'Flag') will be higher than street level. This will emphasise the character of the Ground Zero site as a 'hole' or a 'gaping wound'.

The memorial appears as a unique ensemble between the existing area and the reconstruction.

The memorial elements are 'remains' among the new constructions on the site. The same design language will be used for all constructions and so the memorial will be easily recognisable and identifiable as a symbol of the City of New York.

Visitors will be aware of a whispering sound rising up from the depths of the room. On approaching the centre, images and texts will become visible on the highly polished surface of the marble. These images and words will appear to float several feet beneath the surface on which the visitors walk.

The 'Museum' will be located between the large ramp and the Slurry Wall. It will house the remains of the WTC and objects that were found in its ruins.

Inside the 'Liberty Wall', the names of the victims of the terrorist attacks will be written on glass columns. The names, age and date and place of death will be given for each victim. This information will be laser engraved on 21 columns that will be illuminated from beneath the floor.

The front of the Chapel will face East and its central design element will be 'Light' (divine light, the light of the hereafter, the light of salvation), this construction is intended as a place of prayer and contemplation.