Survey: coffee maker

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Look at the results of this unrepresentative survey (made during the Theory of Design course at FH Mainz/ University of Applied Sciences).
Move your cursor over the small images on the right and compare the spread of opinions given by persons of different age and gender. Consider the blur in the voting process, resulting from different levels of understanding and subjective recognition.

Survey: coffee maker - results 1

Porsche Design got all the advantages and positive responses because of its high quality surfaces and the well structured overall appearance. The inconclusive spread in the 3 basic segments stands side by side with a significant vote for high quality.

The result is a product which people see differently (the way they like to see it), but the high quality ranking makes the product favourite despite the different “interpretations”.

Even the customers who chose this product as their favourite perceive the Porsche Design very differently.

The Philips coffee maker plays with emotion. It looks cute and friendly and has a high quality level. The positioning is well-defined as an extroverted appearance independent of gender or age.

Survey: coffee maker - results 2

It seems that times for the “Gute Form” are well and truly over. Krups Design achieved a significant position through a very low quality level.

The transition between “construction” and “simplicity” doesn’t seem to be very attractive, especially in combination with a low quality level.

The winner in this survey is Bugatti Design. Ranked as a high quality product with a strong emphasis on “emotion”, it won over the highest number of customers who were interested in buying this coffee machine.

In many respects, Bugatti Design is the opposite of Krups Design, but Bugatti’s positioning is the clear winner these days.

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